TSAR- Making time fashioner off wood!

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Posted On : 25th, January 2018

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TSAR- Making time fashioner off wood!

25th, January 2018    -    Fashion

All of us love to wear watches. There was a time when a watch was used to just keep track of time but today it is used as a fashion statement and as an important accessory for all purposes. Most of our watches are made up of shiny metal or classy leather. But what happens to it after a year or two? It gets worn out. And for any watch lover, we know, it is not pleasing. So what? WHY ONLY METAL? With this simple question, the idea of wooden watches came into effect. It is unique, stylish, environmentally friendly and beneficial to the people.

TSAR Inc. started on March 01, 2016 with the will to change this perception of the watch lovers. TSAR watches is an Indian lifestyle brand who has introduced the concept of wooden watches in the Indian market. It is a bootstrapped company. All three partners have invested their money through savings from previous jobs. The company is based at Indore and co-founded by Haider Ali Lashkar and Abdul Kadir Bhandari. And later Abbas Akbarib joined as a partner. All three of them were hostel mates in Mumbai during their graduation days. Haider Ali is a graduate in Management Studies from Hinduja College; Abdul Kadir is also a graduate in Management Studies from NM College and a post grad in M.Com and Abbas is a graduate in B.Com from K.C. College.

The success of wooden watches in the world has already shown that this concept is very much appealing to the consumer, once they get to know about it. In this industry, what really works for all the giants like WeWood, Tense, Jord and startups like theirs is the material, WOOD. The uniqueness really captures the eye of everyone who comes across it. And also people become more curious about it because of the general idea of how a wooden watch will react with water. But yet people wanted to experience a product like this and later started loving it. Also what truly stood out for them was the quality of the watch and designs they offer to people. "Give people the best and they will appreciate you in return, they will come back to you. And that is how we are still here, getting recognised as a brand and at the same time being accepted by the people." says the founder. 

There are 5 different kinds of wood used in the wooden watches. They are African Sandalwood, Koa wood, Walnut wood, Ebony wood and Maple wood. And these are imported from various countries.

In general, a lot of people are loyal to the brands. If they love it, they will continue to buy it from them irrespective of what other brands have to offer. And a lot of these brands are very well established. So there is a certain trust that people build for those brands. So for a new brand to be recognised, it has to be different and has something fresh that it can offer. And they do their best to give that. They are constantly working on new and fresh designs that appeal to people.

TSAR watches have constantly grown since inception. They have got a fabulous response from the beginning. And the customers are those who have a unique taste in what they wear and are also fashion forward. But the major constraint arises since wood is their USP, there is also a major stigma that it gets worn out. Wood is considered something that is worn out due to water and sweat. In that case, people become very sceptical about it. But that’s absolutely untrue in the case of TSAR watches since all the wood is selected with precise inspection and processed to meet all durability tests. They plan to create awareness that nothing happens to the wood even if you take it out in the rain or you wear it in the sun. Great news!! 

They mainly promote their wooden watches of TSAR on social media through Facebook and Instagram. Apart from that, they also participate in exhibitions. But the best way they are promoted is something beyond anyone's control and that is word of mouth.

"Our customers are the major promotional partners for us." says the team.

What makes them a little different from others is that their designs are more alluring and also the sophisticated services that they offer to the customers. On the other hand, TSAR has taken an initiative in association with an NGO to plant trees. For every watch bought, TSAR plants a tree in the name of the customer, thus contributing to Mother Nature and help to make it a greener place to live.

TSAR is currently worn by few thousand customers. The main audiences are watch enthusiasts. More than anyone, these watch lovers, in particular, appreciate the concept. But the watches appeal more to the youth. Their major percentages of customers are among the age group of the early twenties and late thirties as they are more inclined towards the fashion and understand it. They look more for different styles and new trends in the market. They are more fashion savvy than any other age group.

With regards to feedback, they have met the needs of almost all the customers. Customers are happy with the quality and finish of the watches. The founders identify that the only place where they lack is the variety. They have close to 12 models that have been introduced in past 2 years, but people want more variety, more models to choose from. They will definitely be able to cater to that in the coming months.

On being asked about the achievements they say "Anything fruitful is an achievement for us is some way or the other." But in terms of sales, their biggest achievement was a bulk order that they received from a company during the initial stages. That was a kick starter that helped in more ways than one. Their growth can be defined by having only 3 models in the first month of our launch to reaching 12 models by the end of 2017. TSAR has also tied up with offline retailers in few cities.

From a survey, it is estimated that average cost of a wristwatch is about Rs. 1000 in India. And TSAR watches range between Rs3500 to Rs5000. On being asked about their plans to decrease the cost, the founder very boldly said "Products are made to target a certain audience and based on which the pricing is placed. The pricing of a product depends a lot on the factors involved in the making of a product. There are brands who offer watches with low prices by compromising on various elements. TSAR Watches is a semi-premium brand with not exorbitant prices. We offer exotic woods sourced from different countries. The movements used for these watches are Japanese Miyota Movements and have crystal mineral glasses on the dial. TSAR Wood watches are water resistant and offer a 1-year warranty on all models. We do not plan on reducing our prices."

The future plan is to keep delivering the best to the people, reach out to more and more customers and make wooden watches in India more discoverable than before and makes TSAR Wood watches a household name. And apart from that TSAR hopes to expand the brand across other countries.

Website: TSAR watches

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