List of Documents to Be Kept Handy While Applying for a Food License in India

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Posted On : 11th, May 2019

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Guest blog

List of Documents to Be Kept Handy While Applying for a Food License in India

11th, May 2019    -    Guest blog

Campaigns like, ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’, etc. were initiated to encourage the tendency to start up business by the Indian people. However, one of the many deterrents that stops people from engaging in such enterprises is the apprehension that comes along with the tumultuous administrative and legal formalities. The same is also true for business in the food industry. From a person, who merely distributes food items to smaller retailers, to ones who manufactures, stores, processes and sells it. All such entities have to be compliant of the Food Standards and Safety Act of India, 2006 and its subordinate rules and regulations. This may require a huge number of documents. This blog seeks to make the work load easier for people who intend to start such business. Click here to get a list of the documents which must be kept handy while applying for a food license in India. 

However, before we go on to the documents required for applying for a food license it is important to know the difference between a FSSAI License and a FSSAI Registration. Small entities (which are segregated from larger entities based on their annual turnover) are required to get only a FSSAI registration. The medium and large sized entities are however required to apply for a FSSAI License, which are further of two types- State License and Central License which is predominantly determines by factors like whether the business of the entity is limited to the territory of only one state or spread across various two or more states. This blog deals exclusively with the Food License and not the registration.

When applying for a food license, the applicant is required to submit duly filled Form B.

1. Among other things, the form requires one to provide the authorities with information respecting their names, contact numbers, permanent address, the registered address of the business entity, the kind and the nature of business they intend to do, name and contact details of a person who shall be held responsible in case of default with the statutory compliances.

2. If it is a manufacturing unit, they also need to provide information regarding the quantity of food produced in kilograms per day or in metric tons per annum.

3. If it is a dairy unit, information pertaining to the capacity, capacity of the Milk Chilling Centre etc. need to be provided additionally.

4. Units dealing in meat, must give knowledge to the authorities about the source of their raw materials.

5. Unites dealing with water must submit a sanitation report of the water ad information about its pesticide residue.

6. Also, if the unit consists of a supplementary laboratory, then documents regarding the chemicals used therein, the license allowing the enterprise to operate such laboratory etc. also need to be furnished.

7. The entity must satisfy the authorities regarding the means of procurement of the business premises. This could be the sale deed, lease agreement or any other satisfactory prrof og legal possession. Also, a layout of the premises is essential.

8. The Non-Objection Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation.

9. The Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, partnership deed, incorporation certificate under the Societies Registration Act or under the Indian trust Act etc. whichever may be applicable.

10.  The authorization allowed by the Ministry of Tourism by way of its certificate.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the list of documents required to be submitted depend on various factors such as:

  1. Whether the applicant seeks an FSSAI registration or a license?
  2. In case of a license, does he intend it to be a State or a Central License?
  3. What is the nature of the business, that is, whether the entity seeks to operate in the field of manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, or retailing?
  4. What is the main ingredient of the food product of the unit, for example, does it contain huge quantity of milk, or oil etc.?


Therefore, before applying for a food license, the applicant must be sure to keep all the necessary documents ready, lest there be a delay in the process for him to get clearance. Nonetheless, there is nothing much to worry about, since the FSSAI Authority has, over the past recent years endeavored to make the process as user-friendly as possible. They have even introduced an online portal for such applications, called the FLRS or the Food License Registration System. Once a prospective applicant registers himself with the same and secures a login id, he or she can easily commence the process of the application. The portal will automatically inform the applicant of all the documents that will be required for the process and all that remains to be done is to merely submit them.


The introduction of the online portal has, to some extent, allayed the fears of the people who want to engage in such businesses but refrain because they consider due diligence to be a hurdle. In the near future, we can expect the situation to change and hope that even the authorities understand the complications associated with submission of huge volumes of documents and therefore do away with the insignificant ones. 

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