The saga of Samosa ajja from Mangaluru

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Posted On : 04th, May 2017

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The saga of Samosa ajja from Mangaluru

04th, May 2017    -    News

Santa comes once a year. But he is an all season Santa for the students of St. Aloysius college. Ring a bell! And he’s ready with the presents. Dressed always in white with a little beard and a Gandhi topi, this man can be found near light house hill road Mangalore. Unknown by his real name well-known as “Samosa Ajja”.

Mr Mudukeshwar Mudeyappa aka Samosa Ajja is been selling Samosa’s in St. Aloysius college for the past 38 years. He began this small business by selling Samosa’s outside the college campus years back. Soon he and his food became a hit among the students. Realising this then principal of the college permitted him to set up his stall inside the campus. From those times, till now he is selling these lips smacking samosa’s.

Time moves on, generations change but this man remains the same, same in his Gandian kadhi attire, same in his loving and friendly nature and same in his principles. What’s changing in his life is his popularity which reaches new level every year. Presently he has around 4000 plus followers in his sponsored Facebook page.

This 80 year old man was born and brought up in Bagalkot, Badami. He also did his basic schooling there. He started earning for his living from the age of 18. “Back then, in my native I used to own a small shop where I sold sweets and eatables like chakkuli, peda, kodbaley sweet biscuits,” says Samosa Ajja.22

He moved to Mangalore with his uncle in the year 1970 and since then he has been residing here. Presently he owns a house in kavoor where he stays in a family of 8 members consisting of his children and grandchildren. who help his in preparing these homemade Samosa’s

When asked about how he reached St. Aloysius he had to say “I was looking for a school to sell Samosa’s and someone told me about St.Aloysius. I came here and started selling food near the gate. One day the principal of the college called me (doesn’t remember principals name due to weak memory) and asked whether I would like to sell inside the campus? I immediately took this opportunity and agreed. I was really happy the day I was allowed inside the campus”.

Samosa Ajja believes any food or snack is best when served hot. With this intention in mind he reaches the campus at sharp 8.30 in the morning with hot Samosa’s. “I get almost 1000 samosa’s each day out of which I give around 100 to Yenapoya college canteen and 50 is supplied to St. Aloysius college canteen on demand. I began my business by selling 3 samosas for Rs. 1 and today I sell 4 samosas for Rs. 12. Along with this I also sell Peda, Laddu, Kadhi, Masala Kadley, Chakkuli, Jenu Goodu etc. Feeding children with something they like gives me satisfaction “he said.

To all those people who want to start their own business he says “being self-employed is like being independent, the idea of starting on your own is wonderful. Do any job you like no work is inferior unless you make it tobe. Put all your efforts and dedication towards your work. be disciplined. Love your work and your work will love you back just like mine did.”

The passed out students while revisiting the campus, make sure that they meet their childhood Santa. Some even send messages on his phone greeting him. Such is his love and affection towards students. His success mantra to youngsters – “I like to keep myself busy and believe in the thought ‘Works is worship’. I also advise the same to the youth around me. 

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